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How Exercise Can Help You Beat Prostate Cancer

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Step right up, step right up! I present you with a magic tonic. If I told you this tonic, when taken alongside your cancer treatment, 3 times a week, can:

  • reduce your risk of dying from all causes by 49%
  • reduce your risk of dying from prostate cancer by 61%
  • Has 0 side effects

you’d take it in a heartbeat! Well such a tonic exists, but not in the traditional white powder form and DEFINITELY not the snake-oil-salesman form, but in the form of EXERCISE. Not only will exercising 3 times a week provide you with all the benefits as above, but it will actually REDUCE the side effects of your cancer treatment, including fatigue, pain etc.


Emerging evidence is continually showing the benefits of exercise in cancer and is consistently showing that there is no evidence that exercise makes cancer worse! Exercise alters the biology of tumours; it increases blood flow, oxygen delivery and immune cell penetration into the tumours which is their nightmare. All of this increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation which means a shorter course, less dosage and an increased chance of killing cancer cells for you. Although not the miracle cure-all tonic, exercise provides a powerful disease-altering adjunct to your cancer treatment to further the odds in your favour.


It is clear that the intensity and specificity of exercise matters so give us a call or book on our website for a tailored exercise program.

You can book a session with us on our website or call 01 496 4002.

Eoin Lombard


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