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Medical Fitness Testing™ is the ideal way to optimise your journey to fitness – selecting from a suite of over 300 personalised testing metrics.
Dr McCarthy

I believe the Personal Health philosophy around exercise and exercise prescription should be an integral part of medical management of all musculoskeletal conditions.

The physiological and psychological benefits of exercise are profound and population health would be improved if every medical interaction included some advice regarding the importance of exercise.

The pH team are leading the way in implementing exercise programs for individual and groups of patients and I am fully supportive of their innovative approach.

Dr Conor McCarthy MD, FRCPI, FSEM
Consultant Rheumatologist, Mater Private Network

Optimise your fitness programme

In your current gym, in our clinic, at home or online

With expertise spanning across Chartered Physiotherapy, Clinical Exercise Physiology and Personal Training, we can now tailor your current fitness programme for optimal results, wherever you are. Medical Fitness Testing™ gives you personalised data to signpost your journey to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Using cutting edge technology, we provide you with gold standard clinical measurement of
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Body Composition
  • Total body strength
  • Mobility, Flexibility
  • Neuromotor: Power, Agility, Co-ordination Dynamic Balance

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