Personal Health

Exercise programmes for medical conditions

If you want to learn how fit you are, we do Medical Fitness Testing™ which involves Vo2 Max, strength testing & full body composition analysis.

We are here for you, if you:

Have any/multiple medical issues and are interested in improving your fitness
Are unsure what intensity level your exercise should be
Are afraid of exercise
Woman sitting on exercise ball
Dislike the gym
Are unsure how to do strength training
Are getting injured or fatigued from your current exercise

We prescribe exercise for the following medical conditions

Did you know?

Did you know that as our Personal Training Sessions are with a Chartered Physiotherapist, you can claim them against your health insurance as Physiotherapy treatment.

This makes it very affordable to hit your fitness goals in a safe and fun environment.

A session with one of our Physio’s costs €80 with a package of 10 Sessions costing €750.