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The Best Exercise for Arthritis

Going for a walk is not the solution to help arthritic knee/hip/spinal pain! Neither is immediately opting for surgery.

Unfortunately many people will accept these as the only options, battling through a painful walk or abandoning all activity and opting for surgery. In truth there is huge space in the middle where problematic symptoms can be significantly improved.

  • 54% of arthritic patients who do a medical exercise programme at a vigorous level (this does not mean hobbling fast!) have meaningfully improved outcomes in terms of quality of life.
  • Only 40% of arthritis patients get improvement through Glucosamine, Chondroitin or visco-supplementation (in publicly funded trials)
  • A mere 30% have improved outcomes with joint injections, but may not avoid surgery (Yes, that’s 24% worse outcomes as a result of injection therapy compared to a medical exercise programme!!!)
  • 18% feel better with anti inflammatory tablets but usually have to deal with an all out attack on their gut
  • 11% get a kick from anti inflammatory gels
  • Only 6% get any lasting help from painkillers

So in terms of evidence and best medical practice, we have a clear winner – exercise.

We also have a clear problem… people with arthritis believe it is impossible and unsafe to exercise vigorously. As a result joint inflammation and ‘degenerative change’ leads to gradually worsening pain levels and eventually it hurts to even go for a gentle walk.

So, how can you exercise vigorously and safely?

Book in at Personal Health and we will coach you how to do this with precision based on your current fitness levels. This includes people who believe they are lost causes!!!!

Since 2016 we have given over 4,000 medical patients a personalised exercise prescription.

Many of our current patients have arthritis in their spine, hips, knees or all three. The average age of our 4000+ patients is 63. Many of whom have had transformative changes in their lifestyle as a result of doing the appropriate dosage of exercise to reduce the effects of arthritis.

For a more personalised plan, you can book a session with us on our website or call 01 496 4002.


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