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The Orchestra & The Human Body

If you’re over 55…..we would urge you to consider your body as an orchestra. There are many moving parts however making all the parts work in unison is a tricky task! And the older we get the harder the task gets.

 In order for your body to be in tune, it requires a lot of coordination. Your cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, endocrine, respiratory and neurological systems all communicate regularly. But do the team of ‘- ologists’ looking after you ?? 

There are many reasons why Consultants, various specialists and GPs do not communicate efficiently about your individual case. Usually ‘time constraints’ is the most common reason. So does this mean you need to coordinate your own care? Unfortunately it often does. And we are here to help.

A medical exercise programme in Personal Health will help you best manage your lifestyle in conjunction with your medical treatment plan. See some samples below of clinical exercise programmes; 

These programmes can help your own orchestra make sweeter music. Once we have a clear exercise dosage and prescription we will link in with your medical team ahead of upcoming appointments.

The specific information around your exercise capacity, exercise tolerance, quality of life and so much more is vital information. It can be central to improving your quality of life. It can also better inform medical decision making around surgical intervention, changes in medication and so forth. 

Your Doctors can keep you alive. But if you’re motivated, we can help make your life worth living!

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