Andrew Dunne Physiotherapist

Ever wanted to feel like #1 in the world?

Well you may already have achieved this if you are an occasional 5 a side football player like the man himself.
Rory’s recent pics look very similar to most acute ankle sprains. He is human after all.
So, if you’re at home with a pack of frozen peas and can barely walk – spare a thought for Rory.  Actually , vice versa  – maybe he could spare a thought for you!
Because here is where your similarities with Rory probably end.
    • He had round the clock expert attention.
    • You’ve to make an 8am meeting, search for crutches (Do I need them?), get the kids ready for bed UPSTAIRS! ….drive the car, fill the dishwasher and try find a painkiller or two
    • If you’re getting any sympathy revel in it!



Chartered Physiotherapy is the best way to manage the problem over the long term.
In order to maintain some balance, get back playing and keep sane in your current lifestyle you’ll need to go through………..
swelling, ice buckets, finding pain killers or anti-inflamm tabs (what’s the difference and when should I take them?), internal bleeding, inflammation, lots of pain, compromised weight bearing, reduced ankle joint movement, significant loss of flexibility/range, ligament (ATFL) tightness, friction massage (ouch!), instability and mobility issues, resultant lack of confidence in the ankle, prescribed rehabilitation exercise to overcome potential chronic issues…….
Still want to do it all on your own?
OR we’ll help you through all of this and treat you just like Rory was treated!
After all, you deserve it a bit more than him!