What is Combat PD (Parkinson’s)?

Combat PD is a new type of exercise class run by our Consultant Occupational Therapist, that aims to slow down and manage the progression of Parkinson’s symptoms. Classes incorporate the latest evidence available in Parkinson’s treatment. Our therapists have extensive experience working with people with Parkinson’s Disease in both the UK and Australia using the newest forms of therapy such as LSVT BIG® and PD Warrior™ (specialised Parkinson’s Disease therapy)

This class is specifically tailored for people with Parkinson’s disease that incorporates education, exercise and functional-task practise based on the current emerging evidence. The exercise component of this class involves repetitive graded high amplitude movements that are used in daily life with the aim of improving speed, balance and quality of life.

The functional task practise in the class involves learning and practising strategies for common daily activities that people with Parkinson’s Disease experience difficulty with such as;

  • Handwriting
  • Doing up buttons
  • Turning in bed
  • Transferring in and out of a car
  • Dressing
  • Opening a medication bottle

Most importantly there is a big emphasis on changing people’s attitude towards Parkinson’s Disease. You will feel empowered leaving the classes as we work towards regaining and also maintaining independence in a fun group environment.


PD Combat will teach you to get up and fight against Parkinson’s and not wait for symptoms to develop but to get moving and take Action against the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

How long is the class?

PD Combat classes are 40 minutes in length comprising of high intensive exercises, followed by practical everyday tasks and education.

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Initial Assessment60 mins€90
Follow up appointment40 mins€65
5 week class pack€99
Drop in classes€25
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