Personal Training Session – Exercise with a Physiotherapist

Exercise, Physio, Physiotherapy, Rehab
  • Prehab before Surgery
  • Rehab post Surgery
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stroke Survivors
  • Cancer

These exercise sessions are 30 minutes in duration and provide the client with the opportunity to work closely with a Chartered Physiotherapist in improving fitness levels and exercise technique.

Training types include:

    • Cardiovascular interval training
    • Resistance training
    • Core and abdominal training
    • High Intensity Interval training
    • Boxing training
    • Flexibility training

The combination of exercise types in each session will be dictated by the your fitness needs and goals.

An initial 15 minute physiotherapy screening will be provided prior to the first session, which allows us to better target any muscle imbalances and to prescribe safe and appropriate exercises during the classes. Body weight and composition baselines can also be recorded at the first session to provide a reference point.

Exercise, Physio, Physiotherapy

Did you know

Did you know that as our Personal Training Sessions are with a Chartered Physiotherapist, you can claim them against your health insurance as Physiotherapy treatment.

This makes it very affordable to hit your fitness goals in a safe and fun environment.

A session with one of our Physio’s costs €65 with a package of 10 Sessions costing €550.
In many cases, up to €300 has been refunded based on individual insurance policies.

Contact us now to get your fitness journey started.