Tracy Phelan


  • Weight management
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Diabetes
  • The FODMAP Diet

Tracy graduated from Queen Margaret University with a degree in Dietetics. After graduating she worked as a clinical dietitian in the HSE before moving to the US. She worked as a research nutritionist for Nuval, a simplified scoring system for foods designed by a board of nutrition experts including Dr David Katz. In 2012 she began working as a health educator for a leading US weight management company in the treatment of obesity. Tracy has experience working as a private dietitian within corporate sites educating staff on nutrition and wellness. Tracy has completed training in weight management, sports nutrition, diabetes and the FODMAP diet. Tracy promotes prioritising self-care, nutrition and exercise in everyday day life to achieve optimal well-being. In her free time, Tracy enjoys running and spending time with her family.

Veronica Dick


  • Oncology
  • Nutrition support
  • Weight management
  • Healthy eating
  • Dyslipidaemia and Heart health
  • Diabetes and impaired glucose intolerance,
  • PCOS
  • Mental health

Veronica completed a BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Sport Science and Physiology in the University of Glasgow in 2008 and subsequently went on to qualify as a dietitian from Leeds Met University in 2010, where she completed her Masters in Nutrition in 2015.

Veronica is a registered dietitian and a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietitian Association. Her interest in nutrition as a science has led her to her work in weight management, diabetes, cardiac rehabilitation and the nutritional management of cancer patients during treatment and in the long-term recovery after treatment.

Veronica has a particular interest in “survivorship” initiative after cancer treatment, focusing on wellbeing and weight management for long term prevention of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. She led on a project to develop a nutrition and lifestyle programme for breast cancer patients in a large cancer centre in London.

A self-confessed foodie, Veronica loves the social aspect of food and how it interacts with people’s lives. She loves nothing more than cooking, baking and eating with friends. She is passionate about helping people establish healthy eating patterns to benefit their health. At home, Veronica loves growing her own fruits and vegetables, using seasonal and fresh produce where possible in daily life.

Caoimhe O’Leary

Caoimhe is currently on Maternity Leave. We look forward to having her back in the New Year

From Dublin, Caoimhe graduated with a BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Trinity College Dublin. She is a current member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (MINDI).

Caoimhe has worked as the resident dietitian in GP clinics in Ranelagh, Merrion, Churchtown and Longford. She has provided interactive workshops in the corporate world for the last 7 years. This work is both domestic and international with companies such as Digicel. For the older generation, Caoimhe’s Consultancy with the Retirement Planning Council of Ireland involved preparing people to live a healthy lifestyle during retirement.

While Caoimhe has worked in many fields including bone health, oncology, weight management, intellectual disabilities, eating disorders and sports nutrition, she has a keen interest in digestive health. In this regard she has held many educational workshops for GPs in the area of IBS management.
Caoimhe loves cooking. Her approach to wholesome meal preparation is simple and inspirational for clients.