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The Facts Behind Chronic Pain – Physiotherapy

THE FACTS BEHIND CHRONIC PAIN As previously mentioned in my last blog, when the brain perceives you are in danger it calls upon many systems in its response to this discerned threat including: The muscular system- run away, fight The sympathetic system-increase heart rate, sweat The immune system –promote healing, sensitise neurons The endocrine system-reduce […]

The Role of the Brain in relation to Pain

  Brain Map There is a representation or map of every body part in the brain. Consider this the ‘virtual representation’. The correct term for this representation is a homunculus. These virtual bodies inform us of what our ‘actual’ bodies are doing in space. Above are 2 homonculi, 1 representing the skin and the other […]

Do you really understand your pain? by Dee Ryan, Chartered Physiotherapist

Pain is often misunderstood, and as a result can cause fear. This fear and confusion can drive our pain experience. This blog explores the true meaning of pain with you. It might facilitate a different approach to your pain management, and hopefully can improve your coping strategies. Pain is the body’s alarm system. It is […]