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Top 10 tips for Runners

Main Photo Credit: Jonathan Colon, www.skatesphere.com/ Get Started Today to Enjoy a Summer on the Move Have a Plan: Whether your aim is to run your local park run every Saturday or to make the Olympics in two year’s time you need to have a plan. There are two options: You can go online to […]

Exercise to keep your Brain calm

Exercise can help your brain slow down….Which is a really good thing! The quality of blood flowing to and through the brain is affected by exercise. Is your head in a tizzy?? Exercise can actually slow down the speed with which neurons fire in the brain. This is a good thing! We all need to […]

Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery – PREHAB??

Main Photo Credit: Jonathan Colon, www.skatesphere.com/ Are you on a waiting list for joint replacement? If so, it is an ideal time to manage your recovery – by starting NOW! We mean start your rehabilitation before surgery – commonly known as Prehabilitation or Prehab! The stronger and fitter you are before a major surgery the […]

Improve your Brain Health – Occupational Therapy

Improve your Brain Health – Occupational Therapy Over the last number of years, it seems that increasingly in the media we are seeing people live with neurological conditions that affect the brain such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke and other disorders. At the same time there has never been so much emphasis on the benefits of […]

Personal Health – GP Education Evening

GP Education Evening On Feb 02, 2016 the Medical Advisory Board of Personal Health convened for and education evening to discuss our unique project. Our Chairman – Professor Michael Brennan (Mayo Clinic, USA) – cited the Lifestyle Health program in Mayo Clinic as a template to give us direction and purpose. Despite the numerous hurdles […]

Women’s Health Physiotherapy at Personal Health

Women’s Health Physiotherapy At Personal Health Physiotherapy  we go one step further and give a little extra care for our ladies. We provide solutions and management programmes for the main problems women deal with in their life-time. Whether it is pregnancy related concerns, incontinence issues or care after Breast Cancer, our Women’s Health Specialist physiotherapist […]

Surprise Your Bones….

Exercise for Osteoporosis When I was training as a student in Cork University Hospital our lead Clinical Educator, Fiona, had a stock phrase for helping patients with Osteoporosis. ‘Surprise your Bones’ said Fiona regularly, in a gentle Scottish lilt. Whether it was her accent or it’s ‘catchiness’, the phrase seemed to stick! Fiona was a Clinical […]

2 things about 5 things that tell you nothing…Really Efficiently

Bygone Blissful Days of Youth Well the world is all about data apparently. Big Data…. The internet of things…. Is it a wearable? What’s your elevator pitch in less than four words? Are you sustainable? Social Media lifestyle. Recently I saw a post on Facebook talking about something distant. Life as a child. The simplicity […]