2 things about 5 things that tell you nothing…Really Efficiently

Well the world is all about data apparently. Big Data…. The internet of things…. Is it a wearable? What’s your elevator pitch in less than four words? Are you sustainable?

Recently I saw a post on Facebook talking about something distant. Life as a child. The simplicity of it all.

‘I would fake being asleep so my Dad would carry me to bed. I used to think that the moon followed my car. I would watch two drops of rain roll down the window and pretend it was a race. When I swallowed fruit seeds I was scared to death a tree would start to grow in my tummy…..’

The wistful bygone days. Not very data driven. And so the struggle began.
Please disassociate from silliness. Keep abreast of cellular level changes in everything.
Never stand still.



But I still like a giggle….most of all when I’m stressed out???

At Personal Health we are about balance….

If you want measurables we’ve got them.
In fact our measurables are better than any entry level analysis you will get in any Commercial Gym in Ireland.
We are not a gym you see, we are medical professionals trying to sustainably improve your systemic health.
How U is that for a USP?
If you’ve got some health problems ….Please contact us.


Contact us....

Contact us….


Our Full Health Screening goes like this….

A Physical Exam. An ECG. Blood Pressure.
A Full Blood Count. A Lipid profile. A Musculoskeletal assessment.
Good and bad cholesterol.
Diabetes risk. Risk of Cardiovascular Disease.
Liver, Kidney and Thyroid function…..
An 8-12 week intervention around diet and exercise.
An exit screening.
All numerical. All personalised. Your unique data driven footprint.
Our pH balance goes like this….


Exercise with freedom and joy
Savour your wine and let the taste buds dance with your pistachio ice cream.

If you exercise twice a week (anywhere on earth) for 30 minutes at a time …..you have reduced your risk of heart attack by up to 50%. Fact.
Bet your High Performance Officer didn’t mention that.
Yes, add some cauliflower to your plate. Filter it on Instagram(Guilty!) …..Just don’t weigh it!

This mediocrity is not for some…..


You are fully entitled to wear a Fitbit during a gym class. A Heart Rate monitor (bpm) will fluctuate with exertion. Some other ‘wearable’ will measure your punch power (kilowatts). A Carbon fibre floor plate will gauge your ground contact time (milliseconds) and something else will have your concentric muscle torque (Nm) sorted simultaneously.

2 things about 5 things that tell you nothing….. really efficiently.


That’s more like High Performance. And we don’t do that. Despite the fact it sounds great.
High Performance environments are stress inducing, often on purpose. Cortisol tends to identify rather easily who wants to run and who wants to fight. Usually it involves elite level performers dedicated to their pursuit in a full time professional and handsomely remunerated environment.

Sometimes it is joy-less. I’ve been involved in it for nearly 15 years in a sporting capacity. The good days outweigh the bad. But not by much.

HP is all over the Corporate environment too. Mediated by Wellness tools of course and an occasional banana on your desk. It’s progressive at times but there’s a tipping point. You know where it is.

If you want measurables, why not measure your internal health?
A personal MOT for you, not the car, or the company.

God knows there’s enough going on with your body breaking down, relationships, kids and mortgage.
You are smart enough to perform highly all day in work…. You know exactly what to do next.
When those two raindrops were rolling down the window you were measuring them after all.
But didn’t you enjoy the race?