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Breast Cancer & The Pink Ribbon Program at Personal Health

Breast cancer is the third most common cause of cancer in Ireland. Recent advances in science and medicine include improvements in diagnosis, new operating techniques and progressions in adjuvant therapies. The types of surgery for breast cancer vary widely depending on each individual presentation. Surgery can span from lumpectomy to radical mastectomy. Individuals may also undergo breast reconstruction where skin and fat can be used from the abdomen, the inner thigh and the back.

Often the pain associated with the surgery and loss of movement and strength in the arm is an aspect post surgery which individuals are not prepared for. Especially after exiting the brilliant supportive network that is provided in the hospital setting. Rehabilitative exercise is important at this point in returning to activities of daily living after breast surgery by targeting the previously mentioned movement restrictions and pain.

Pink Ribbon Pilates

Personal Health – 16/17 Rather Road, D6

At Personal Health the Pink Ribbon Program is a specifically designed gentle Pilates based exercise Program for Breast Cancer survivors who are on the road to recovery. The Program is 6 weeks long and there are 2 classes a week. The Program is suitable whether your surgery was recent or several years ago. The program places a strong focus on regaining shoulder mobility and strength and the exercises are specifically tailored taking into the contraindications and precautions of each surgery. The initial assessment performed prior to starting the classes allows us to takes each individual history and to examine the movement of the shoulder joint. The program is led by experienced Physiotherapists and certified breast cancer exercise specialists.

Chartered Physiotherapists specialising in Breast Cancer recovery

Pink Ribbon at Personal Health

The benefits of the program are extensive from both a physical and mental perspective:
Helps regain strength and mobility in the affected shoulder and arm
Improve functional ability and quality of life
Reduce pain and swelling
Reduce the risk of shoulder impingement and frozen shoulder
Improve self confidence and control
Improve core stability and posture
Improve lymphatic drainage- reduce the risk of lymphoedema
Helps to control weight
Improves sleep
Alleviates fatigue
Decrease stress and anxiety


pink Ribbon Programme Dublin 6

Chartered Physiotherapist Dee Ryan


Our aim in Personal Health is to spread the awareness of this Program and to extend the invitation to welcome you into another supportive community during this recovery period. By doing so we hope to bypass the potential burden and stress than can present due to any physical limitations.

As always we ask you to be a friend and forward on this information to anybody you feel would benefit from our Pink Ribbon Program. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at the clinic on 01 4964002.