What is Medically Led Fitness ?


Medically Led Fitness Rathmines

listen to your body before looking at it……


What is Medically Led Fitness?

Firstly, it’s fitness classes led by a medically qualified professional.

To expand with some concrete examples;

  • Pregnancy Yoga – Led by a Midwife
  • Pregnancy (pre & post natal) Pilates – A Women’s Health Chartered Physiotherapist
  • Cardiac Rehab (Phase IV) – A Chartered Physiotherapist with further qualification in the delivery of cardiac care
  • ‘LSVT Big’ for Parkinson’s Disease – A Chartered Physiotherapist with expertise in exercise prescription for Parkinson’s patients
  • Lower Back Pain Pilates – A Chartered Physiotherapist medically trained to implement effective Pilates programmes for those specifically suffering with chronic lower back issues
  • 30 Minute Fitness (For All) – A Chartered Physiotherapist and/or Exercise Physiologist keeps you moving engaged/entertained for 30 minutes before or after work

The following are the nuts and bolts of what we do……

From €17 you get access to a qualified healthcare professional for a minimum of 30 minutes.

We have NO memberships – come and go as you please ….Guilt Free .

In a small group environment you can work alongside those with similar issues – a problem shared….

Our Free App makes it easy to work around your busy schedule, bookings are a couple of clicks away. User friendly all the way.

Fitness for chronic health conditions

it sure don’t look like no gym….


Finally this…..A Brief Philosophy

We are not a Gym. We are a Lifestyle Healthcare Clinic.

Our exercise area is spotlessly clean. It smells nice. It has no mirrors.
It looks and feels different.

The place where medical expertise meets practical application

The place where medical expertise meets practical application


We won’t measure or weigh you

If you want objective measurements….?
We provide a Gold Standard Full Health Medical Screening as an optional entry & exit point.


With this service you can measure exactly how exercise improves your overall health, not just your waistline.
Really, it’s all about your internal organ health.
Listening to your body instead of constantly looking at it!
Your systemic health will improve most. And this is sustainable.

Your risk of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) will significantly decrease.
Your heart will be stronger. It’s a muscle.

Similarly, it is likely your cholesterol profile and blood pressure markers will change.
Your lipid (fat) composition will improve, internally and externally.

You will have sharper cognitive skills – concentration capacity, mental stamina, alertness, memory
You’ll sleep better …..
Your energy levels will be less volatile.

In Personal Health it’s not about your waist, your fat, your muscle sculpting…..
[Aesthetic benefits may be a pleasant by-product of what we do together]

Cycling Tips - Chartered Physiotherapist Tim Ahern

All Shapes and Sizes…..

If you don’t turn into an underwear model who cares??
You’ll be significantly more healthy and your quality of life will improve.

We use state of the art technology for patient education. Simplicity & understanding  drives compliance and better results. We have partnered with Irish medical technology firm 3D4Medical


We passionately believe in changing the aesthetic, non sustainable approach to exercise that seems prevalent.Because of our expertise we can modify exercise suitably for all your aches, pains and war wounds.

Facilities at Personal health Lifestyle Healthcare dublin 6

Showers & Changing


Anything else ??? An intangible perhaps……..

You might actually enjoy it, because we’ve done all the thinking for you.

The best way to book is to download our free App
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