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Disaster at the Masters…….Before the competition even starts!!

Golfers all over the country will be tuned in with keen interest considering the Irish representation in the US Masters today. Already there has been some notable incidents with tournament favourite Dustin Johnson suffering a fall at home and injuring his back. We’ll wait and see what emerges here but something tells me that he’ll […]

Jordi Murphy joins a very undesirable club – the ACL club

Ireland’s incredible victory last Saturday came with a hefty price tag for one of the Warriors that ultimately slayed the New Zealand team. I winced as I saw Jordi’s knee buckle as he attempted to chase down a quick line out throw by the Kiwis. To the casual observer, this was an innocuous slip but […]

Muscle Strains and Timeframes – ‘When will I recover?’

Muscle injuries are usually caused by a shearing effect such as a contact injury or a strain. The muscle fibres and their surrounding tiny blood vessels rupture hence the pain. The healing process for the human body is incredible – the repair cycle kicks in within hours. It is a complicated physiological process but in […]