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Personal Health-GP Education Evening

GP Education Evening: On Feb 02, 2016 the Medical Advisory Board of Personal Health convened for the first time to discuss our unique project. Our Chairman – Professor Michael Brennan (Mayo Clinic, USA) – cited the Lifestyle Health program in Mayo Clinic as a template to give us direction and purpose. Despite the numerous hurdles […]

💞Woman’s Health at Personal Health💞

Women’s Health A little extra care for our Ladies At Personal Health Physiotherapy  we go one step further and give a little extra care for our ladies. We provide solutions and management programmes for the main problems women deal with in their life-time. Whether it is pregnancy related concerns, incontinence issues or care after Breast […]

Surprise Your Bones….

  When I was training as a student in Cork University Hospital our lead Clinical Educator, Fiona, had a stock phrase for helping patients with Osteoperosis…. ‘Surprise your Bones’ ….said Fiona regularly, in a gentle Scottish lilt. Whether it was her accent or it’s ‘catchiness’, the phrase seemed to stick! Fiona was a Clinical Specialist […]

2 things about 5 things that tell you nothing…Really Efficiently

Well the world is all about data apparently. Big Data…. The internet of things…. Is it a wearable? What’s your elevator pitch in less than four words? Are you sustainable? Recently I saw a post on Facebook talking about something distant. Life as a child. The simplicity of it all. ‘I would fake being asleep […]

What is Medically Led Fitness ?

    What is Medically Led Fitness? Firstly, it’s fitness classes led by a medically qualified professional. To expand with some concrete examples; Pregnancy Yoga – Led by a Midwife Pregnancy (pre & post natal) Pilates – A Women’s Health Chartered Physiotherapist Cardiac Rehab (Phase IV) – A Chartered Physiotherapist with further qualification in the […]

The Orchestra & The Human Body

If you’re over 35…..Listen to your body instead of looking at it so much. All your vital internal instruments will thank you – you might even start to sound like a nice melody! From the time you are born to around the time you turn 30, your muscles grow larger and stronger. But at some […]